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Heating Installation & Repair

Heating Installation & Repair

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As every home or commercial building owner in Chicagoland knows all too well, the fall and winter seasons can bring a lot of unpredictable changes in weather conditions and fluctuating temperatures. From damp, chilly autumn days to heavy snow and ice accumulation in the winter, it’s essential to maintain a warm and secure environment in your living or work spaces. But if your existing gas furnace is having a hard time providing dependable comfort during those challenging months, it may be a good time to get a new unit. But how can you assess with certainty if you’ll need to call the team at Potocki to install a new furnace or if your heating problems are repairable and you can get more usage from your current furnace? The following tips will help inform that decision:

-Check the age and installation date of your furnace. If you’re similar to many other homeowners, there is a pretty good chance that your furnace was already in place when you initially moved in. That could be a clue that it’s at or nearing the end of its service lifespan. Consult the owner’s manual or check the model number of the unit, which is usually displayed upon the furnace. The typical life expectancy of a furnace is about 15 to 20 years, depending on usage and regular maintenance.

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-Rising heating bills. An increase in your energy consumption and the resulting costs can reflect that your furnace is not running efficiently.

-Excessive dirt, soot, and dust particles. If you notice more accumulation of these contaminants building up within your home as your furnace runs, it’s a sign to consider installing a new system.

-Uneven heating throughout the house. If you notice that different living spaces within your house are chilly while others are much warmer or not heating at all it’s probably because of your furnace. As the unit ages, it can become increasingly difficult to circulate heat consistently throughout your whole home.

If you need prompt heating repair or installation of a new furnace, heat pump or boiler, contact us today!

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