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Air conditioners are without a doubt an essential component when it comes to maintaining a comfortable household during the summer season. Unfortunately, even units that receive consistent maintenance units do not last indefinitely. Here are a few signs that can mean you probably contact us for professional air conditioning repair or possibly replacement:

-You’ve recently expanded or done some remodeling of your home. Back when your air conditioning system was initially installed, the service technician likely applied some measurements to determine how much cooling power your home needs and then chose a unit accordingly. But now, if your home now has more living spaces, the existing air conditioner may not be the appropriate size any longer.

-Your cooling expenses are getting noticeably higher recently. When bills start to rise sharply but you are not running your air conditioner any more than you usually do, it’s probably an indication of declining efficiency. That can be a clear sign that it’s time to call us and schedule air conditioning repair.

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-Your cooling system is getting older. Designed to typically last about 10 to 15 years, air conditioners will inevitably begin to underperform. If yours is in this age range, we can perform an inspection on it to assess if repairs will be sufficient to restore dependable cooling or if instead you should replace it with a new, more efficient unit.

-Uncomfortable humidity in your home. An air conditioner in proper working condition helps keep humidity to comfortable levels. If you’re noticing moisture accumulating around your windows or it simply feels too muggy and warm in your house, the air conditioner is probably not dehumidifying the air effectively. Also, if your home is showing signs of a mold growth problem excessive humidity may be the reason.

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